Fleckvieh – Simmental – Pure Beef

Breeding of genetically hornless Simmental cattle in suckler cow husbandry at high standards.
Sale of young stock & stud bulls and female productive & breeding cattle.

30 years of experience in breeding Simmental cattle in suckler cow husbandry.

Young Bull

Stud bull

Female livestock & breeding cattle for suckler cow husbandry

Special characteristics of my animals:

• Strong fitness:
– good fertility
– good calving behaviour
– robust in health
– long-lived

• Good fattening and slaughter performance

• Milk security of the mother cows

• Calm character

• Strong conformation:
– good medium-framed
– good muscling
– faultless foundation
– correct claws
– high seated udder

• Genetic hornlessness:
– advantageous in husbandry and for animal welfare – dehorning not necessary

• Good grassland utilisation

My animals’ character:

Good natured and affection for humans.

Calm behaviour in the herd.

Animal welfare is shown by their happy lines >>more

The breeding goal

The aim is to breed an unproblematic, fit and strong mother cow that produces a valuable calf each year that can be fattened well.

For more see >>Breeding scheme

In the daily management of my suckler cow herd and in breeding decisions, animal welfare takes on a decisive importance, which is reflected in the “happy lines”  >>more 

My philosophy

Cattle do not compete with humans in terms of nutrition. The focus is on the utilisation of green fodder, the aim is to achieve a very good basic fodder utilisation.

Beef from grass – not beef from grain.

A breeding focus is the “genetic connection” to the dual use of beef cattle, so that synergies can be used, see >>Breeding scheme.

This is what sets me apart from many of my competitors.

My advice

I am happy to advise you on the impact of animal welfare on increasing economic success.

Success depends on extensive factors such as:

Feeding, animal-friendly husbandry, professional animal care, timely herd separation, parasite control, proper birth care …